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Provider Services

Important Notice for Healthfirst NJ Medicare Providers

Welcome to Healthfirst NJ Provider Services. These pages are designed to help you – whether you are a provider or part of in-office staff – manage day-to-day practice and deliver great service to Healthfirst NJ patients.
Please contact Provider Services at 1-866-889-2523 if you need help or have questions. Thanks for partnering with us to deliver quality health care. Your participation is appreciated, and we look forward to working with you.
From phone numbers and addresses to pre-authorization and claims guidelines, find what you’re looking for fast with the
2013 Provider Quick Reference Guide.

Become a Healthfirst NJ Provider

Become a Provider

Healthfirst is one of the fastest growing provider networks in New Jersey. We offer competitive physician reimbursement and require no written formal referrals for care from in-network specialists. Click below to learn more about how to join the Healthfirst NJ team.


Primary Care Providers and Specialists

Ancillary Providers

Hospitals and Clinics


News and Alerts

To maintain a healthy practice, it’s vital to keep current on news, alerts, advisories, and government changes. Click below to access the latest best practices from our NJ Source newsletter, as well as the latest critical health information from State and Federal authorities.

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NJ Source Newsletter

Policies and Procedures

Finding provider manual information and forms for authorizations and requests is only a click away. Select a topic below for instant answers.


Authorizations and Request Forms
> NJ Medicare Provider Manual


Caring for Our Members

Appointment Guidelines for our Network of Providers

We want to help you provide the best possible care. Click below to see how Healthfirst NJ is dedicated to making it easier for you to deliver quality health care to our members.


Clinical Performance Management Programs

Clinical Guidelines

Care Management Programs

Claims Process

We’re committed to making claims as straightforward and simple as possible. Click below to access tools to make claims processing easier for you.


Claims Submission
Reimbursement and Reconciliation
Claims Inquiries

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