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Healthfirst NJ Community and Corporate Sponsorships

We’re Committed to Your Community

Healthfirst NJ understands our members’ needs: good health care for you and your loved ones. But on top of that, we’re connected to your community. That’s why we’ve created fun and exciting outreach and educational programs – all part of our ongoing commitment to a healthy New Jersey.

Healthy Families, Healthy Community

Healthfirst NJ’s community commitment starts with helping your kids grow up healthy, strong, and smart. We partner with a number of well-known sports teams and organizations to offer fun educational activities for kids and families. Our goal? To encourage healthy habits and exercise.

Here are just a few of the organizations and programs we sponsor throughout NJ:

  • Trenton Thunder (NY Yankees Minor League Baseball): Healthfirst NJ is the exclusive sponsor of the Trenton Thunder Boomers Kids Club. The club is open to all kids ages 12 and under. Healthfirst NJ’s sponsorship made it possible for children to join the club for free and also included free admission to Sunday home games and special pre- and post-game activities.
  • Red Bulls (Major League Soccer): With the Red Bulls, Healthfirst NJ sponsors free youth soccer clinics throughout New Jersey for kids ages 6-14. You can also find us 3 hours before certain matches at the Red Bulls Interactive Zone, located just outside the stadium in Harrison, NJ. At the Interactive Zone, families and fans can engage in fun educational activities and meet representatives from Healthfirst NJ and other community-focused organizations.
  • Reach Out and Read (ROR): ROR works with doctors, nurses, hospitals, and clinics to help improve early childhood literacy for children under 5 years old. Healthfirst NJ’s sponsorship of ROR allows us to distribute more than 20,000 books to doctors' offices and medical clinics throughout New Jersey. In addition to providing families with books, the program focuses on the importance of parents reading out loud at home. ROR and Healthfirst NJ also sponsor public events over the year to help kids and families learn to love reading.

Easy Health News and Expert Tips For a Healthier You

Healthfirst NJ partnerships are for people of all ages. By teaming up with experts and health associations, we make sure members like you get the latest, most important health news quickly and easily.

We also work with our partners to give you simple, low cost tips that you can use to improve your health today. Please visit our Live Healthy pages for health information, coupons, and much more.

Here are just a few of our health partners:

  • American Heart Association (AHA): Healthfirst NJ and the AHA work together to encourage heart health and heart disease awareness – including the importance of diet and lifestyle. This program encourages you and members of your family to take control of your health and take care of your heart. We also sponsor Teaching Gardens at NJ schools to help kids learn the importance of growing and eating healthy foods.
  • Chef Elsie Ramos: A well-known chef and author, Chef Elsie makes how-to videos showing Healthfirst NJ members ways to cook simple, tasty, healthy meals, as well as other wellness tips. Plus, you never know when Chef Elsie will show up at Healthfirst community events, cooking and sharing delicious treats with the community.