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Find a Healthfirst Doctor

Take the first step in a healthy partnership.

With such a large network of doctors, hospitals, and clinics, Healthfirst NJ offers you lots of choices. You are in the right place to choose a doctor, specialist, or hospital near you that will make you feel comfortable and give you great health care. 

Here are your options for choosing a doctor for every type of medical treatment:

By filling out a form, a list of doctors will be mailed to you.
This tool will help you instantly locate doctors, hospitals, and specialists that are close to you. To use this tool, follow the step-by-step directions below.

1. Choose either English or Spanish in the green band at the top right of the screen.

2. Select “New Jersey” using the “Select State” button to the left, then click on “Next.”
3. A new screen will appear. You can now search by your home address or neighborhood.
  • In Section 1, type in your street address, city, state and ZIP code. You can also search by neighborhood by selecting one of the neighborhoods in the box below called “Search by Neighborhood.”
  • In Section 2, select your Healthfirst NJ plan or program.
  • In Section 3, select the type of doctor you are looking for, then click the “Find Providers Now” button. For more search options, click the “Refine Search” button.
Still have questions? We’re here to help you.
We want to make sure you find the right doctor. If you need more help, please call us, or contact us online.
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