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Your Healthfirst Pharmacy Benefits

Healthfirst has partnered with CVS Caremark to bring you a personal prescription account that will give you 24/7 access to important prescription benefit information and tools that will make getting your prescriptions easier. 

Use the box to the right to sign in or sign up and get access to the tools you need to make the most of your prescription benefits plan.

Your prescription account will include these great features: 

Understand My Plan and Benefits
Knowing how your plan works is the first step to getting more out of your prescription benefits.
Order Prescriptions
Set up and manage your new prescriptions from anywhere, anytime. Simply enter your prescription information and choose pickup or delivery.


Learn About Medications
You’ll find a database of medicines, drug interactions, generic alternatives and more.

Find Savings and Opportunities
Find the right ways to save based on your plan and your prescriptions.


Need extra help? Get confidential and reliable answers to your prescription and over-the-counter drug questions.


Even better, you don't need to change your choice of pharmacies to get the most out of your online prescription account. You can go to the same great network of national chain and community pharmacies where you currently fill your prescriptions.